By FrenchConnect London, 08 Dec 2015

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Nicolas Coppée – Co-founder and Sales Director at Luckycycle

Prior to Luckycycle Nicolas co-founded Spring Wireless Europe, a company specialized in Enterprise Mobile Applications. During his time Nicolas was leading the Sales team of 7 people across Europe working with accounts such as AB Inbev, Unilever, P&G, L’oréal. After 6 years of successful operations, Spring Wireless was acquired by the mother company Spring Mobile Soliutions in the US. Before that Nicolas was working in Enterprise Sales at Ariba Inc (now SAP and formerly FreeMarkets Inc). Based in Paris, he was managing key accounts in the industrial industry such as France Telecom, Alcatel-Lucent and Valeo. 

Nicolas hold a degree of Business Administration from the Solvay Business School (Brussels) and the Michael Smurfitt Graduate School of Business (Dublin)  

Luckycycle Ltd:

Luckycycle is a new and patented Digital Marketing platform aiming at shaking the world of online promotions. Our most popular campaigns are “1 chance in 10 to win your basket for free” replacing old tired discount code and bringing an exciting moment to consumers after the purchase. With offices in London and Paris, we are working with more than 70 customers – with the likes of Estee Lauder, Samsonite, Mediamarkt – operating in more than 5 countries bringing strong improvement of the KPI’s of your online campaigns – CTR, AOV, Conversion rate).


  1. Your chief characteristic?


  1. Your favourite entrepreneur of the moment?

Elon Musk…an impressive success trajectory, on pretty much every single important topic for future generations. Not only did he succeed in the beginning of his career, he keeps on going and has a very intense and active entrepreneurial life, with a strong focus on ethical and long-term projects.

  1. A good VC is…?

A former entrepreneur!

  1. A good co-founder is…?

A team-player who truly knows how to take other’s opinion into account.

  1. Where will you invest your first or next million?

Nano technologies.

  1. Main reason for moving to London?

Quite simple…Business… We have an American patent and it made more sense to remain within an anglo-saxon environment as much as possible. On top of that, the UK is by far the most sophisticated and mature e-commerce market.

  1. Main quality you value in business?

Commitment and loyalty, especially in start-ups.

  1. Your idea of success?

Creating a sustainable company, not just pulling a financial “coup”.

  1. Your favourite hero?

At the moment, my hero is called Mark Watney; he is the main character of the novel “The Martian”. He’s alone on Mars and has to get out of impossible and extravagant situations…

  1. Your favourite restaurant in London?

Dishoom, an Indian restaurant in Covent Garden. Great Indian food of course, but they also organise a « Luckycycle Monday ». Before paying your bill, they make you roll a dice, and if you roll a “six”, dinner is on the house! It’s very close to our digital version of that same concept!

  1. Your favourite date spot in London?

I don’t date in London…but I enjoy meeting people at Cittie of Yorke for a few pints. It’s a typical, old-fashioned pub, with beautiful woodwork and a great atmosphere.

  1. Your favourite motto ?

“Let’s have fun and make profits.” In that order!