FrenchConnect London – Member Interview – MATHIEU ROCHE

By superadmin, 21 Nov 2017

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Meet Mathieu Roche, CEO and co-founder – ID5

Mathieu has over 10 years experience managing online advertising operations, focusing on technology, data and media solutions. He built an extensive professional network across Europe (France, UK, Spain, Netherlands), and has successful track record in technology-related business development missions.

Currently, Mathieu is the CEO and co-founder of ID5, the first centralised cookie synchronisation platform of  the ad tech industry. Mathieu launched ID5 after spending 15 years in ad tech, mostly at Data & DMP specialist Weborama. While at Weborama, Mathieu held various business development and managing director roles with responsibilities over France, the UK, Spain, Germany or the Netherlands.

A regular speaker at industry events and contributor to trade press articles across Europe, Mathieu is a recognised expert of data-driven advertising technology solutions. With the launch of ID5, Mathieu continues his professional endeavour to make the industry more transparent, more open and more respectful of end-users.


1. How would you describe yourself in 1 sentence?
Passionate and looking to make a difference


2. Who’s the entrepreneur you admire most at the moment?
In the ad tech world, Brian O’Kelley, founder of AppNexus


3. A good VC is…?
Hopefully I am about to find out as I am closing the first round of funding for ID5, the ad tech platform I launched a few months ago


4. Where would you invest $1m now?
In my own company


5. Main quality you value in business?


6. What was your biggest professional failure?
A missed opportunity as I passed on a job for the wrong reasons


7. What’s your idea of success?
Making a difference


8. Latest book read or movie / play / exhibition seen you’d recommend?
The Lean Startup by Eric Ries…words to live (and work) by!


9. Latest bar, coffee shop or restaurant you’d recommend?
All the food trucks at Spitafields Market on a Friday!


10. What do you like most about London?
The diversity, the openess and the parks!


11. Your favourite quote?
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger