FrenchConnect London – Member interview – FABRICE BERNHARD

By superadmin, 14 Aug 2017


Meet Fabrice Bernhard, Cofounder & CTO at Thedo UK

After cofounding in Paris and Theodo, he is now focusing on the international expansion of Theodo which started with London in July 2015.

His main interest business-wise is the intersection of agile and technical innovation, which includes such domains as devops, Lean IT, digital revolution.

He has participated in the creation of the paris-devops meetup. He was the former president of AFUP, the French PHP association and cofounder of the AFSY, the French Symfony association.

He was also invited to speak at Symfony Live Paris, Symfony Live London, Symfony Live Portland, Symfony Live Berlin, Brno PHP, PHPNE Newcastle, Open World Forum, Devops Days Paris and AnsibleFest London.


  1. Your chief characteristic?



  1. Your favourite entrepreneur of the moment?

Jos de Blok, magical founder of Buurtzorg


  1. A good VC is…?

A former successful entrepreneur


  1. Where will you invest your first or next million?

I will invest in M33, our startup-studio, which will launch 2 new ventures per year


  1. Main quality you value in business?

Willingness to improve


  1. Your idea of success?

Positive impact on as many people as possible


  1. Your favourite hero?

Jon Snow, proven battlefield hero, rallying around a bigger cause, courageous and wise enough to accept frustrating politics to get there.


  1. Your favourite restaurant in London?

Jin Kichi in Hampstead


  1. Your favourite date spot in London?

Clifton Nurseries in Little Venice


  1. Your favourite motto?

Michael Ballé’s Lean Motto: “No matter how confident we sound, we are all wrong at least half the time.”