By FrenchConnect London, 22 Jan 2016


Nathalie Gaveau – Founder and CEO at Shopcade:

Nathalie Gaveau is a serial entrepreneur and the founding CEO of mobile and web commerce platform, Shopcade, with millions of customers in the UK, US, India and France. Prior to Shopcade, Nathalie cofounded French eBay competitor PriceMinister, which was successfully sold to Rakuten, one of the biggest recent exits in consumer web in France. Nominated among the Top 100 women in technology in Europe, Nathalie has an extensive international experience in the digital industry, including 6 years in Asia Pacific and 7 years in London. She is also a member of the French Foreign Trade Advisors, a Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite de la France, as well as a Major Benefactor of the HEC Paris Foundation.


SHOPCADE, often referred to as the ‘Instagram for shopping”, is swiftly becoming the world’s largest news-based shopping app for fashion and beauty, garnering a fan base of over 1.5 million users worldwide. Major brand partners power the app through featuring their latest collections and deals, and users can keep up with these news all in one place and buy them directly via the app. Users also receive notifications on relevant styles and offers.

SHOPCADE’s proposition for brands and retailers is unique because it combines the brand awareness of traditional marketing via editorial content, with the efficiency of performance marketing thanks to engagement and purchase data and technology. Using data insights from 1,500,000 shoppers, SHOPCADE’s vision is to become the preferred content and shopping service for shoppers around the world, by creating the most efficient digital marketing channel for brands in an omni-channel environment.

Download SHOPCADE on your mobile on iOS and on Android.

  1. Your chief characteristic?


  1. Your favourite entrepreneur of the moment?

Hard to choose.  Morgane Sezalory is a fantastic story and an example of how social media can build a successful brand.

  1. A good VC is…?

A true partner and a great supporter of your business.

  1. A good co-founder is…?

It depends on who you are. Someone with complementary skills and compatible mindset.

  1. Where will you invest your first or next million?

My own company, Shopcade, and a few selected startups that I follow in mobile, fashion and fintech.

  1. Main quality you value in business?


  1. Your idea of success?

Unicorn anyone?

  1. Your favourite hero?

Trinity, Matrix.

  1. Your favourite restaurant in London?

The Wells Tavern in Hampstead. Have a walk in Hampstead Heath after lunch!

  1. Your favourite date spot in London?

French Connect London? Only joking. No idea, sorry!.

  1. Your favourite motto ?

« A cœur vaillant rien d’impossible »  – Jacques Cœur (1395-1456) – if you want to read about this great French entrepreneur :